{ wedding pics:: g i u l i a & d a v i d }


They're finally done!! It's only taken nearly a month to get through these, but it was worth the wait. I think you'll like these as much as I do, if I do say so myself. :) Because Giulia & David's reception was the night before their wedding, we took pictures before the reception while family and friends were finishing setting up for the reception. The Las Vegas LDS Temple is one of my favorites; I may be biased since it's my hometown. :) Then, we ventured out to Lake Las Vegas for some beautiful on-the-water shots. It was fun spending even more time with my lil' sis. I think she and David are pretty cute. See for yourself... 

...Giulia didn't want David to see her in her dress until we got to the temple, and this was his reaction when he saw her walking down the sidewalk. Classic, right?! :)




{I'll be in Henderson Saturday, March 6}

Henderson Residents:
I'll be in Henderson doing a wedding the morning and early afternoon of Saturday, March 6th. I have room for one photo shoot--possibly two--that same afternoon.

Book by Friday, February 5th and receive a 15% discount.

Contact me at astolworthy at gmail dot com.

See you in the sun!!


{ new comments forms added }

So, I realized this evening that I didn't have my comment form up and running on here!! I'm so very sorry! I would love to hear from you, so keep 'em comin'! Let me know what you love, suggestions for improvement, etc.

Thanks for photo'ing with me!

{ a night at the recording studio }

A few weeks ago some of our Blue Sky Music students came down from Rexburg, Idaho, to record some amazing folk and bluegrass tunes at counterpoint studios in Salt Lake City. I showed up the first night they were in the studio--they had been there for nearly 9 hours already. They were tired, mentally exhausted and their fingers hurt... but they were still pluckin' along.

Thanks for letting me tag along!!

Enjoy the pics... sans flash and a good view of what a beautiful studio looks like.



{ photo preview:: giulia & david robbins }

I couldn't wait until next week to post more pics of these two, so here are a few completely unedited pics from the newest love birds in the Stolworthy family.

Until next week, enjoy!!!


{ wedding pics: j u l i a n n e & c o r y }

Nothing made my heart so happy as to see two of my most favorite married this year.
congrats to Julianne & Cory Weeks!!
Their December wedding was cold, but the feeling was nice and warm.