I am back!

Has it really been since January that I last posted?! Sheesh... let me tell you, I've missed photographing and it has been way too long. But, since last we met, the following have occurred in my life:

. My college crush/boyfriend proposed to me the night of/morning of New Years (yay!)

. I madly worked on wedding plans at the same time as I finished my graduate school field project through March.

. Got married on Friday, May 6th: a beautiful Spring morning, danced in the cherry blossoms and celebrated with family friends all day long.

 . Danced the night away at a beautiful reception (I had so much fun planning this party... and yes, it was a PARTY! Yay!)

. Moved from my downtown Salt Lake City apartment to Ridgecrest, CA, pop. 30,000, 2 days after the wedding

.And we are... 6 months after my last posting and 2 months after a wonderful wedding and 2 months into a wonderful marriage with my best friend

I have been earnestly searching for full-time (or even part-time) employment, but in a city full of engineers and scientists, there aren't many positions for creative types such as myself. :) I am finally getting around to relocating my photography business here to Ridgecrest. It has taken a while, and has started much too late, but... at least I'm finally doing it, right?

I'm excited to get to know the city more, to get to know the wonderful people here and continue making this our home. I look forward to getting to know you!

Up Next: Photos from my first "Ridgecrest Adventureography Excursion."

Stay tuned!

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